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Standardized MCC Training Protocol


As a Ministry formatted as a service organization, the Medical Cadet Corps/MCC requires its members to undergo constant training, certification and recertification. The standard for MCC training is theory and practical application. Training is the vital link to MCC credibility, strength, and accomplishment of “Mission” as it follows risk management protocols.  The first and ongoing training is to develop in each cadet up the ranks, a clear and ongoing mindset of committed service, honor, and duty.


MCC Training is designed to be a purposeful and process oriented with every member of the Corps undertaking training modalities that qualify them for honorable field serve. Training is not to be haphazard; it is designed with procedural protocols that our brigade must follow.




The prerequisites must be completed by ALL MCC recruits after enrolled but before undertaking Basic Training Module-3.

  1. BLS First Aid/CPR

  2. Completion of the 11 online FEMA Courses as follows:

  1. IS-100c      Introduction to Incident Command System

  2. IS-101c      Preparing for Federal Disaster Operations: FEMA

  3. IS-230d     Fundamentals of Emergency Management

  4. IS-235c      Emergency Planning

  5. IS-242b     Effective Communication

  6. IS-288a     The Role of Voluntary Organizations in Emergency Management

  7. IS-315a     CERT and the Incident Command System

  8. IS-317a     Introduction to Community Emergency Response Team     

  9. IS-700a     National Incident Management System

  10. IS-800b     National Response Framework, An Introduction

  11. IS-907       Active Shooter: What You Can Do


FEMA independent courses may be taken free of charge by going to

  1. Completion of the Sanctuary and Fundamental Beliefs seminars

  2. Completion of the water safety training course.

  3. Completion of the child protection screening and receipt of certification

  4. Completion of the Mental Health First Aid Course and receipt of certification.   


NOTE: Under no circumstances will a recruit advance to Module 3 without 100% compliance with these requirements.



The foundational course for all individuals enrolling in the Seventh-day Adventist Medical Cadet Corps is Basic Training which is divided into 3 modules:

Module #1 – Orientation (Theoretical)

  1. History and Origin of the Medical Cadet Corps

  2. Contemporary functions of the Medical Cadet Corps

  3. Core Values of the Medical Cadet Corps

  4. Structure, Rank System and Dress Code

  5. Basics of Uniform Discipline

  6. MCC Ceremonies, Customs, Courtesies and Drill


Module #2 - Practice

  1. Ceremonies and Formations

  2. Merit System

  3. Drilling and Marching

  4. Knots

  5. Camp Safety

  6. Campcraft Theory


Modules #3 – Boot Camp

  1. Fire Building and Camp Cookery

  2. Campcraft and Skill I, II, III, IV

  3. Camp Safety

  4. Obstacle   Course

  5. Water safety

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