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Safety Officer Position created!


Please be advised that effective immediately, I am instituting a new position for all levels of the command structure to be known as the Safety Officer. Each platoon, company and battalion is to designate and individual to this office.

The duties of the safety officer is as follows:

1. Ensure that all members of the unit have passed the Secure Volunteer screening process .

2. Ensure that all risk management protocols and paperwork are in order for any activities for which the unit is involved.

3. Ensure that participating members have all the necessary and properly functioning equipment and supplies needed for the assignment.

4. Ensure that all junior cadets have permission slips to participate in any activities outside of the sponsoring church.

5. Conduct a well-being screening checks on all members of the unit participating in meetings, spevial details, deployments, community service activities and/or logistical responses. (Temperature readings & Health assessments)

6. Document all well-being screening checks which must be included in the after-action detail report.

7. Conduct risk management training from approved sources. (Any training developed locally must be approved by Brigade.)

The position and duties of the safety officer maybe assigned to the unit's executive officer or another qualified individual may be separately assigned to the position and reportable to the executive officer.

The Assistant Chief of Staff is the officially designated Safety and Risk Management Officer of the Brigade.

A formal written order will be formulated but this interim order has full and immediate effect. Indication of compliance is due to me by 1100hrs Friday, July 17, 2020.

Given by my order this 13th day of July 2020.

Pastor Dr.Gordon Jones

Brigadier General

Brigade Commander

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