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This website has been designed to keep you up to date with events and training sessions througout the Northeastern Conference Brigade Medical Cadet Corps.

If you need our services or are hosting a training event that you think we would benefit from, please contact us! We would love to support you and enhance our knowledge.

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See Training website for further Water Safety requirements.


  • ALL reports (adjtutant, commander's chaplains etc.) are to be sent to General Jones (platoon, company, and battalion) EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY! His email address for all MCC correspondences is
  • Cadets, please remember to complete your FEMA trainings in preparation for Boot Camp 2023 this fall. You will need a FEMA SID to start your training - get one here.
    If you already know your FEMA SID, start your training here.
  • As COVID has been under control for the past few months, in-person meetings are expected. Virtual meetings are supplementary, not a replacement. Platoon commanders, please let Colonel Navarro know when these in-person meetings will take place, as he would like to attend and affirm your efforts.
  • Our brigade has a new training website. Please click on the TRAINING tab for detailed information on MCC trainings!
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