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The Medical Cadet Creed

I am a medical cadet, serving God and country.
I will do everything in my power to be loyal to God and the values of the Medical Cadet Corps.
I will follow the orders and instructions of my superiors.
In God, I trust.
Formally organized in the 1930s, the Seventh-day Adventist Medical Cadet Corps/MCC is a volunteer uniform service organization working under the organizational authority of the General Conference World Service Organization down into the local Conferences of North America. In addition to its original goal of training Adventist Youth for non-combatant military service, it has developed as a disaster and emergency response entity. Its members are fully trained, duly certified and serve as a ministry in the community under strict uniform discipline to respond to natural or man-made crisis.
MCC’s serve as certified front line first responders as well as providing logistical support in the field. The work of the Medical Cadet Corps is a tangible one, providing certified basic life support first aid/BLS, certified mental health first aid, certified spiritual first aid, disaster response and relief as well as basic rescue at the epicenter of an emergency.
Logistical support includes the augmenting of warehousing and supply operations, traffic and crowd control and public safety.
In the Northeastern Conference of Seventh-day Adventist, the SDAMCC
operates within the Adventist Youth Ministries Department. The SDAMCC-NEC operates on a brigade model to cover all areas of the Conference territory.
A person begins in the Medical Cadet Corps as a Private-Recruit or "E-1" and does not carry any emblem of rank; below are detailed steps to begin in this ministry as a Medical Cadet:
➢ Total commitment
➢ Be at least seventeen years of age (seventeen-year-olds join as Junior Cadets)
➢ Complete and submit the Medical Cadet enrollment package
➢ Sign the code of conduct and adherence to Uniformed Discipline
➢ Be present at your local group meeting for induction
➢ Pay the enrollment fee ($20.00)
➢ Complete the screening for child protection and Certified Volunteers
Our Philosophy
Police Station 2

The philosophy of our Ministry is to serve God, our neighbors, and the community, so that in the event of an emergency or when called for national service, they will be able to help and organize resources, both spiritual, material and personal. The goal is to provide spiritual and logistical help in a quick and efficient way, while demonstrating the motto:


Our History

The Medical Cadet Corps (MCC) program was temporarily suspended at the end of World War II. It was reactivated in 1950 and in the next few years was adapted internationally. The program was deactivated by the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists (General Conference) in early 1972 but continued independently in a few locations with an emphasis on rescue and disaster response.

​In 2016, the Medical Cadet Corps, a component of the World Service Organization that is under the umbrella of the General Conference Department of Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries, was reactivated as a worldwide program.

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