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Helloooooooo Northeastern!

We are back from our no so brief hiatus :-( There has been a lot of things going on! What you ask? For starters, we had a week of prayer ending on October 3rd, a virtual weekend 2 weeks later and a uniform inspection on October 31st! We are busy trying to get ourselves mobilized and READY FOR SERVICE!!! And we hope you are too!

We also had an Adjutant's training last Sunday November 15th, conducted by our Chief Adjutant Captain Juliet Haughton-Clay. This is the first of many modules designed to equip adjutants with the necessary information to properly support their commanders.

Cadets, please make sure that your Class C & D uniforms are ready with patches securely sown on. As we found out at the inspection, shoes must be clean and polished. How we conduct ourselves is just as important as how we PRESENT ourselves! First impressions ARE lasting!

There will be upcoming chaplaincy and leadership trainings before the year is out! Stay tuned!

Lastly, please don't forget to complete this ACS training before December 31st. Click on this link to take the ACS course.

And as always. stay safe, bless someone this holiday and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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