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MCC's...We need your help!!

Brigadier General Gordon Jones appeals to the brigade for help to prepare for dire times ahead. Please see his letter below:

Dearest MCC members of the 2nd battalion of the NEC Brigade.

First, much thanks to the four cadets who work, sacrificed and answered the call to help the ACS director today.

From what was reported to me, this was a massive undertaking that only the four accomplished without help from anyone else.

Dr. Augustave expressed his appreciation but told me that another shipment of supplies is scheduled to arrived the morning of Tuesday, October 13, at 6am. This will be an even larger operation for which there is no provision for personnel but MCC apparently. The operation entails receiving the supplies at the Conference office, transferring them to u-haul trucks that will transport them to the parking lot at Goshen SDA Church for offloading and distribution.

The supplies are needed because of the fears of the seond wave. I know that many people do not show MCC respect, but we are doing this because of our commitment to Serve, Serve, Serve. I further recognize that we have employment, health and bereavement limitations at this time.

However, If you are a available and willing to step out once again, please indicate this to me by direct text message.

I totally understand if you cannot and appreciate if you can.

"NEC Adventist Community Services Department is asking for volunteers to offload food and supplies"

Northeastern Conference Office

115-15 Merrick Blvd

Jamaica, NY 11434


Goshen Temple SDA Church

2414-18 Church Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11226


The contact is Pastor Mario Augustave Mobile +1 917-922-5186

Your servant and brother,

Pastor Gordon Jones

Brigade Commander

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