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Class A uniform

The Class A uniform is essentially the Class B uniform with a black jacket. This is the dress uniform of the Medical Cadet Corps. Uniform is to be worn with the Burgundy beret when outdoors.


Note: All cadets must wear the burgundy beret when attired in the Class A & B uniform.


Class B uniform


Black trousers

White long-sleeved shirt with epaulets

Burgundy necktie

Black socks

Black patent oxford shoes

Black web belt with brass buckle


Black skirt with belt loop

White long sleeved shirt with epaulets

Burgundy tuxedo tie

Black web belt with brass buckle

Sheer black stocking

Black low-heeled pumps


Class C &  D uniforms

This is otherwise known as the Field Duty Uniform. The black uniform is reserved for officers or cadets on security detail. In addition, cadets must wear black boots 9' tall and black socks. Caps matching the color of the field uniform is required i.e. blue camo hat with blue BDU etc.

All cadets must have a nameplate and matching buckle (color of metal denotes rank), as well as the MCC lapel pins when attired in the Class A or B uniform.
Shoulder cords can be purchased from Glendale Parade Store. 
1st Battalion = Scarlet
2nd Battalion = Royal Blue
Ceremonial Units = Gold
Chaplains = Purple
White uniform shirts can be purchased at Amazon or Advent Source.
Black trousers can be purchased from Amazon or Advent Source.
Ties & the black web belt can be purchased from Pathfinder ShirtsEpaulets & lapel pins are available from the WSO Store.
Name plates, black patent oxford shoes (men)  can be purchased from MCC Uniforms or Pathfinder Shirts.
Multi-colored shoulder cords for senior officers are also available at Glendale Parade Store.
Battalion Commanders = Gold & Burgundy
Senior Staff Officers = Gold & Royal Blue
General Officers & Senior Executive Officer = Gold, Scarlet & Royal Blue
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