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Ceremonial Detachment Camp Registration

Hello Northeastern Medical Cadets!

Registration for Ceremonial Detachment Training Camp is now open! Please click on the link to register. Or you can download the form, complete it and email it to Brigadier General Jones at THE DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATION IS SUNDAY MAY 16, 2021.

Registration Waiver for Ceremonial Train
Download • 91KB

Platoon leaders should send 1 cadet to this camp who has successfully completed Basic Training i.e. Modules 1-3. The registration fee is $50 and can be sent via Zelle to Please direct all inquiries to Major Emmeallio Daniels, the Ceremonial Detachment Commander.

It should go without saying, if you are sick, PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND! We will be observing all pandemic protocols. The uniform for this camp is your Class C uniform (Black BDU's with the burgundy T-shirt). Come prepared for camp i.e. bring your tent, mess kit, sleeping gear etc.

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