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Happy New Year! Convention Procedure

MCC, it is the start of 2023 and the NEC Brigade is in full swing! Coming off the Annual Commander's Orientation yesterday are our marching orders for this year. Please review the 2023 calendar and plan your schedules accordingly.

For those attending the NEC AYM Youth Convention, the procedure is similar to last year:

  1. Check into the hotel and receive your room assignments

  2. Undergo safety screening/temperature checks

  3. Receive your prepaid packet from the Youth Department

  4. Check in at the MCC Headquarters to receive your assignments

It should go without saying to remember to be on your best behavior. This event brings many challenges and many personalities, but also serves as an opportunity for recruitment.

Please do not forget your trauma/first aid kits. Remember, "To whom much is given, much is required." (Luke 12:48)

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