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MCC Boot Camp 2020 updated!

Updated: May 11, 2020

Information about the upcoming MCC Boot Camp has been posted. Please note that if you have not yet paid your $20 MCC Individual Registration Fee, you will not be able to register for boot camp. The individual MCC Cadet Enrollment Fee is $20 which must have the accompanying enrollment package.

MCC Enrollment Application Form (Rev
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Download 0 • 326KB



Please note that you will NOT be able to register for boot camp until this fee is paid. No one who is NOT AN ENROLLED CADET will receive credit for Basic Training.

Registration cost for camp is $50 per cadet due May 9th and $10 for training staff/officer (send payments to company adjutant)

Fees (to be paid ASAP):

$50 for trainees. For the trainee registration form click here:

$10 for officers and staff. Officers and training staff registration form please click here

For further information, please click on the CAMP tab:

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