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Updated: Feb 28

TO: Cadet Recruits and Unit Commanders

RE:  2024 MCC Basic Cadet Training Camp


Please be advised that modules 3 & 4 of the Basic Cadet Training course (known as boot camp), will be offered to all MCC recruits who have successfully completed the prerequisite and modules 1 & 2 from Thursday evening, May 2nd to Sunday, May 5th.

Location: Camp Victory Lake

                   277 Crum Elbow Road

                   Hyde Park, NY

Date:         May 2- 5, 2024

Report Time:  7:30 pm

Registration: $100

Late Registration: $125.00 at Location

Uniform for Basic Cadet Trainees is the Class 'D' blue cammfague with black boots.

The 2024 MCC training camp is designed to satisfy all of the requirements outlined for modules 3 & 4 of Basic Cadet Training/BCT. You were about to enter upon the rigorous training experience known as boot camp which is exacting, intensive but rewarding. As such it is important that you maintain a high level of energy levels through proper nutrition. To meet your dietary needs, therefore it is reported that the sustainment team understands all of your limitations and preferences.

When it comes to a mandated preferences, we will try our best to meet everyone's culinary expectations. This being a camp setting however, it is impossible to satisfy everyone's unique palate but we will endeavor to understand your limitations and medical needs such as-

() Vegan

() Vegetarian

() Pescatarian

() Clean flesh

On the application provided by your commanders:

• Please name all Food Allergies and What is the reaction if consumed?

• Please name all Medication Allergies and what is the reaction?

• Please indicate if you carry medication against accidental exposure to food or medication allergens?

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your Battalion Commander.

Battalion Commanders are responsible for submitting applications to the Brigade Commander with ALL signatures by  April 1, 2024 without exception or excuses.

The time has come to get motivated and ready for this year's Basic Cadet Training camp.

Thank you and Blessings

The General

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