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Suggested Trainings for MCC

Hey Medical Cadets! I know that you were bummed that Boot Camp did not happen (at least some of us were anyway). But no worries, we have some important training for you to upgrade your knowledge and skills.

And who doesn't want more power? For with knowledge comes power, no?

We are currently recommending 2 courses for you to enroll:

The Crisis Intervention Honor on Thursday July 16th @ 7 pm. See the flyer for for more details. Click here to for more information.

Click here to register.


The CERT Animal Rescue Part 2 session will be held on Saturday July 18th @ 2pm. If you have not completed Part 1, please review the following document CERT Animal Rescue Part 1

Be sure to register by July 13th, otherwise you may be barred from entering the session. Click here to register.

See you there, cadets! Be sure to subscribe for additional news and trainings!

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